Registration Guide

2021 Club Registration Guide.

As we look forward to the return to play of juvenile teams from the 26th of April and await guidance with regards to return for adult teams, we are inviting all members to register for the upcoming season. It is important from an insurance perspective members’ are registered before returning to play.

Introducing Foireann

Foireann is the new system for registering players for the 2021 season. It is an online tool allowing members to manage their membership (registration), club communications, health questionnaires and training schedules from one location.

For members using “return to play” to complete Covid Health Questionnaires for you, or your family, throughout 2020 then you may already be familiar with the tool and have a Foireann account setup. Members who do should go to and login as normal. Click on membership and register using the option that suits you. For family membership use the guide below to ‘add a family’

If you have never completed a return to play health questionnaire, then you probably don’t have a Foireann account. Use this guide to help create your account, add a family and complete membership registration.

Create a Foireann Account

Please complete the following steps to create a Foireann account

    1.  Go to
    2.  Register yourself as a new user, and ensure you verify your email address
    3.  Once verified you will be asked to confirm some personal details including additionalinformation such as medical allergies and club permission requests
    4. You will at this point also need to add our club to your profile, please ensure you

      select ‘An Tochar GAA/LGFA’

    5.  Final step is to confirm you have completed Covid ‘return to play awareness’ ,and if you are a Covid officer for the club tick the necessary box.
    6.  Once complete and profile saved you will be returned to the Foireann homepage

Registration Process

    1. We recommend for members who wish to manage their family profiles, or register family members, to first click the family option on the left hand side and follow the appropriate steps. (Additional guidance is outlined below to help with this)
    2. When complete members should click  the“Register”or “Membership”option and choose the option which suits their individual or family requirements. Below is an example of some of the options.
    3. Once selected you will be asked to select which member, family member, you would like added to the membership option, whether they are a playing or non-playing member and which association GAA or LGFA. We recommend to default to GAA unless you are a playing member of An Tóchar LGFA or G4MO.
    4. The next page will give you a summary of the details you have entered, and you will be asked to confirm you have read the code of conduct.
    5. Final step in the process is completing registration by paying your relevant membership fees. To do so you will be directed to a secure payment page where you should enter you payment details.
    6. You will receive an email confirming receipt of payment, and confirmation of your registration with the club and the association for the season. Note. For LGFA members this will be processed once application is received by club registrar

Registering a Family

    1.  On the homepage click the“Family”option on the left hand side of the screen
    2.   Click the add new family option
    3.  Enter family name and description, and click confirm once done. Note; By default youwill be setup as the parent or guardian of this new family
    4.  To add children to your profile click the“add child option” and follow the on screensteps
    5.   Once complete the child will be added to your profile. At this point it is important thatyou go in and edit any additional details such adding your child’s date of birth , medical allergies, and club consent etc. This is important as when additional functionality is rolled out this will be used to assign a team to them.
    6. To add an additional parent/guardian, you will be asked to invite them to the family. Once done this additional parent/guardian will receive an email asking them to setup a Foireann account (profile). This additional parent/guardian should complete the setup in the same way as outlined earlier in this guide under the section “create a Foireann account”.
    7. Once the account is set up and verified the new parent/guardian should click the ‘family option’ on the left hand side of the screen and accept the invitation to join the family. This will verify the additional parent/guardian and add them into the family.
    8. It is important you fully complete setup, point 6 and 7 above, of the additional parent/guardian as not doing so will restrict registration later in the guide.
    9. This now completes the family setup, and members at this point should return to the “registration process” section of this guide to complete the process

Additional Information

    • For any additional information, or should you have any issues with registering, please email the club registrar on or speak to a member of the club committee
    • The club would also like to remind members of our insurance policy when registering. This will be communicated through various channels and it is assumed when registering as a member you accept the terms of this policy. For any queries in relation to this please email